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Sunday, July 22, 2012

key west take me away.

while the kids were in michigan, Paul and I sailed away to key west for a long weekend.
here are some photos...

our cute little key west bungalow.

blue heaven's heavenly pancakes!

mimosas at 8:00 am just because we could!

our favorite place for oysters.

hog's breath saloon with a missing companion (Tom Varga).

this one's for you Tom...

from the boat...snorkeling, sunset, and seasickness... that order. haha.

little fish.

this summer the kids have been truly having a blast.
they have their 2 favorite babysitters come each week, plus they get to stay home with mom one day a week.

they have been polishing up their swimming skills.

they have been hanging with friends.

they get to be kids.

summer 2012 rocks!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

another drop in the bucket.

a second thing on our bucket list was to see these...

the world famous weeki wachee mermaids.

I have to admit, I was perhaps more excited than the kids about this one.

not known to us, it was the 65th anniversary of the mermaids, so instead of seeing the mermaids we were expecting, we saw the mermaids of yesteryear perform....but they were still amazing.

this one said "mom, those are not real mermaids."

this one on the right said, "mom, when can we go to the water park?"

but this one was totally in awe...speechless...entranced by the mermaids.

and this one on the left was pretty excited about getting his picture taken with the mermaids.

the park is built on a spring. so we swam in the fresh spring water.

a real treat to swim in fresh water in florida.

but some refused to swim due to the 70 degree water temperature...mind you, that's 21 degrees cooler than the gulf.

cross that one off the list.

bucket list.

yes, the kids have a summer bucket list.
among the many things to do, seeing the movie star WINTER was at the top of their list.

so Friday, the two coolest moms in town (me & yaya of course)
loaded up the kids and headed to Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

we saw winter.

we saw sharks.

we petted sting rays.

we saw turtles.

we had a great time.

we can officially cross it off out list!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Monday, July 9, 2012

best vacation ever!

our kiddos just returned from what I am sure were their best days of the summer (for mom & dad too!)
I gave my parents my camera for them to document the 18 days with the kids.
here are a few highlights...

it started with 17 for each day at nana & booper's house.

they blew bubbles and swam in the deckside pool.

they boated on grand lake.

they caught minnows using the Quaine family minnow goop recipe.

they boated some more.

they rested only during car rides.

they learned how to pee on a boat.

they learned about grandma edna's famous candy closet at grandpa's house.

they had old McDonald picnics.

had squirt gun fights with uncle joe.

fell asleep in loving arms.

they shot guns (without mom's permission).

they rode big kid bikes.

played cowboys & indians.

they stole raspberries from uncle Bill's garden.

they swam in the big lake...lake huron.

they played in the "chocolate" sand.

they had bonfire after bonfire.

they test drove papa's race car.

they boated some more.

Sammy & booper climbed to the top of 40 mile point lighthouse.

they explored.

they saw and played in ocqueoc falls.

they boated some more.

they made it down to one stone.

they played baseball and cheered from the dugout.

they peed off docks.

they floated and floated until they were "soggy".

I am exhausted just looking through the pictures!

thanks nana & booper!